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24 Sep 0 Comment

Career Moves™ is coming back

Hi everyone-

A long while ago I started a passion project called Career Moves™ to provide career information for students to help them see what potential careers were like and what it takes to get into that career. Originally, 5 videos were done and they were very well received from students, teachers and career counselors. We won the top educational media award that year, The Golden Apple for one of the shows. PBS even picked up the five videos and played them over and over on the Adult Learning Service. We had requests to do many more but the regular work for our clients at the time was all consuming and we didn’t continue. I’ve always wanted to bring the project back to life and now I am.

I’ll put the original 5 videos on this site so you can see what we did back then and by back then, I mean in the late 90’s. Sure the music and graphics are a bit dated but you’ll get the idea. Also, HD hadn’t been invented yet. In fact, the original series went out on VHS! But technology has moved us quickly ahead and future videos will be in HD and delivered via the web. We’re going to do them a little differently this time around but it will be an improvement both in knowledge and delivery. We don’t have to be quite as linear as we were when we delivered on tape.

So keep coming back. And please provide feedback. I’d love to know what careers you would like to see us feature. Talk it over with your friends, your students, your parents and let us know. We want to make Career Moves™ the best it can be.

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